If: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Error occurs

If: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. After the login, the part where the number button is pressed from workitems 1 ~ ** can’t be executed with the error.Generate_Yearly_Report_Dispatcher.zip (819.5 KB)


TransactionItem is null in this case.

Please use String.IsNullOrEmpty(TransactionItem) to perform the check in the If activity.

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Are you going to add an if activity?

In the If activity instead of TransactionItem.Equals(“”) please use String.IsNullOrEmpty(TransactionItem)

i am solved. but another problem.

plz come After processing transaction number runs out, explorer does not exit normally and an error occurs

What is the error you are facing?

After logging in, click workitems-> sub 1 ~ * buttons, log outs, and then terminate normally with kill application.Click ‘A https: //acme-test.ui …’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: <webctrl aaname = '15 ‘tag =’ A '/> An error has occurred.

Check the below screenshot,

Check in get transaction data whether the next page exits or not.
If exist then,
Out_transactionItem = io_transactionData(In_transactionNumber - 1) Or else,
Out_transactionItem = Nothing.

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but occur it error

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Out_TransactionItem should be of type “System.Data.Datarow”.

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You tried this?

yes. but not solved.

Put that if condition in the get transaction state but one thing ,apply the logic properly so that you don’t get any errors.

Hello, I have done this. But now I am running into a problem, it sends the message “Process finished due to no more transaction data” But nothing has been processed. Any idea why or any way to help me trouble shoot it?
Thank you in advance.

May I know what is the transaction item here
Is it a Datarow or queue item
And kindly check whether we have transaction item ready before starting and is fetched one by one in sequence

And in Get Transaction Data xaml use a writeline activity and mention as out_TransactionItem(rowindex).ToString if the transaction item is a Datarow

As out_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“argument name”).ToString
If it is a queue item

So that we can see the transaction item in the output panel

Cheers @Jonathan.Cavey

Please can you check if the arguments passed in between the workflows are mapped correctly?

@Palaniyappan my transactionitem is ‘String’

for reference here is my ZIP.Generate_Yearly_Report_Dispatcher.zip (1006.7 KB)

I believe that they are. Here is my ZIP for reference.
Could you tell me if I have an error?

Generate_Yearly_Report_Dispatcher.zip (1006.7 KB)

thank you, sir. Worked like a charm