If no result from web after search

Dear @ermanoj3101 ,

It works and i saw how you build the connection. May i know do i need to do the step below? As it still work despite i didnt take the screenshot

I have already passed the selector if you can see in target property.

Not needed as it will only capture screenshot for you reference.
If you want you can inspect it again.

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Dear @ermanoj3101 ,

Thanks for the prompt response. I try to rerun the workflow and notice that the result as below:

  1. It will read the first column and then second column of excel data in regardless whether the result is found or not as per screenshot below .

The desired result will be if the first column of data after searching - no result was found. Then only proceed with second column of data. May i know how can i amend on this part?

Many thanks in advance.

As far i see the screenshot, on every search of record just go back to initial screen.

So that when next item picked , it will check freshly.

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