If no entry found - skip to next name

Good day,

I started last week with RPA.
I built a robot that should transfer files from a folder into an online data table if there is a folder with the same name in this online data table.
My question is how do I build a sequence that skips my actual file to the next one, if no folder is found in the online data table?

If you have any additional questions, I will be happy to answer them.
Many thanks in advance

@artem1 You can use an If Condition to check if Folder Exists or not in the Online Datatable

But how my code could looks like, so it skips my actual copied entry to the next one if nothing is found?

@artem1 Have you already built the Workflow? If so, Please send a Screenshot of the Workflow

check the file or folder exist with ‘Path Exists’ activity - it will return a Boolean value.
Perform a If condition check - based on the condition -> perform your activity…