If more then one, then skip item

Dear all,

I am working on a project and need your help.

Robot task
take items from a excel file and inserts them into a webbased management tool. And this way update data.

task in scope
it might occur that a project item exists twice in the management tool. In this case the robot should not do anything in the management tool, but note down the project in a log message and continue with the next.

My problem
I am not sure how to let the robot check if there are more then one hits on the page.

I have provided a screenshot here:

Note to the screenshot
I know that the two projects are not identical in name, but just assume it is.

I look forward to your reply,

Kind regards,

Ronan (Unknown)

Hi Ronan,

You can try with the Data Scraping wizard to get all the rows from that table. Then you can count how many you have with that name. If more than 1, log the message and continue with the next item from excel.

This is a good case to use the Robotic Enterprise Framework (or ReFramework) project type. Part of the process implementation, when you are in the case of more than 1 rows, throw a BusinessRuleException and the framework will handle it for you: log the message and continue with next item from excel. Of course, you need to do more changes to integrate your process into the ReFramework, but it is very useful.

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Hello Silviu,

Thank you so much. That did the trick.

For the ones who read this post with the same issue
This is how my solution looked like:

the syntax to count the elements:

Extra Note to for Silviu
Ps: Silviu, thank you for the tip with ReFramework ^^ I build my program in StateMachines due to the Adv. Training. Is ReFramework the template or the approach (using state machines)?

Here is a pic. of my project:

Thanks a lot for the solution,

Ronan (Unknown)

ReFramework is the template that you can use as a starting point in your projects so that you don’t have to create the state machine every time.


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