IF match date -> click, else -> check next date


Apologize, I think my task is a bit difficult.
Im very bad at defining VB Expression in IF Else activity. I would like to make IF Date in excel is match with the system, then “click on the tick box”. IF the “ticked box” already “tick”, proceed next date. IF no date match, proceed next row. IF no more date inside excel (NULL), then proceed stop.

I manage to make match date using “Click Text” if the first date in excel is match with the system. But if the date not match with my system, it would hang and cause error. Really appreciate for the solution.



1. use dynamic selectors for iterating the date.
2. use "Checked \ unchecked " activity for status.

i hope this will help you-
Dynamic Selectors.

So we could help you, do you mind sending us a sample without sensitive information of both your excel files ?

Hey, just found the solution steps by using excel as the pit-stop for input and output. Thanks for the helps btw.

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