If mail contains Zip Attachment or not



Hello Everyone,

I want to check if any zip file attached with the mail or not. For that, I am looping my each unread mail and I want to check if attachment contains “.zip” or not . But not getting it. As I am not able to get it directly from the mail. I need to save it first. Is there any solution to check out directly in mails if it contains zip or not.

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Problem identifying PDF attachments

Here we go.
CheckZipAttachment.xaml (9.0 KB)


Thanks :slight_smile: . I was about to tag you. Let me check.


@ddpadil thank u so much! :slight_smile:
It’s working .


How to get attachment inside the zip.


Spark, can you please elaborate more, or if you could start a new thread so other people can benefit from your question.

or you can look for it here in the forum, @aksh1yadav provided a solution here



Hi Beesheep,

I have an attachment of zip file in the mail, using mail filtering I saved that using save attachment but now I need to get the file which inside that zip.
Already I used the invoke method of zip to unzip it will convert but the file is not a content and it shows 0kB, the content actually 17kb.