If machine is locked, will the robot run? there is no orchestrator server involved

if machine is locked, will the robot run? there is no orchestrator server involved.

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  • store credentials Introduction
  • start the robot from tray
  • lock computer

What if bots performs the desktop automation where presence of ui element is necessary to trigger the operation. How bot will identifies that “element exists of not” if system is locked .

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If you’re following the above steps the robot will auto-login and open an interactive UI session. Store credentials in Windows Credential Store is mandatory.

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How UiPath can sign out after execution (interactive UI session) is done if task was started by Windows Task Scheduler and user was signed out before that?

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Did you find the answer for your question, if so, please share, thanks!

I do not understand my previous question anymore :slight_smile: but I assume it is done automatically by backend robot.

is depend on your robot type, unattended or back office is able to run even your machine is locked.

I have tried this, it is not working…it says “element not found”…

“element not found” means difference issue.

The code works fine when the machine is not locked…

have you try these step?

Hello, could you confirm that the unattended bot can run UI/Image Automation on locked machine without unlocking the screen before starting executing workflow?


But the above steps are saying orchestrator should involve right.