If learning is necessary, is better to "train" UiPath or Chatbot

Hello I´m new in this community. I´ve just seen the tutorial for chatbots, and I´ve found that sometimes, a task can be improved by learning. In these cases, is there any automate decision for who should learn: The chatbot or UiPath robot? Is a well-considered decision, made by the bot itself? Thank you.

Actually Uipath bot is doing the integration with chatbots as such like for fullfilling any services etc

Regarding ur question on training u had train the chatbots more

Since chatbots had to understand the sentence we typed and thus be bale to send to robot correctly if needed

For eg if we type the country name as USA in chatbot , which bot wants exactly as input but chatbot is interpreting it as US and send as US to bot instead of USA.

There is no need of training Uipath bot in these cases.

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Thank you so much for your help NIVED_NAMIBAR. It was so helpful :smiley:

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