If Job is in pending state, Trigger a mail and terminate itself

Hello Team,

Could someone please help me in solving this.
I have a process scheduled at 3am EST and it runs on RDP server in unattended mode(enterprise license for 1 unattended robot).
But, I wish to know that, if the job goes to pending state (may be when the server is not reachable) then, after 30 minutes of time, I should be notified via a mail saying "Job is not run/triggered) and the job should terminate itself.

Is there a solution for the above scenario?

Thank You.

In the orchestrator, you can enable email alerts. it will send an alert if any error happens for a connected robot

Well will that work for unattended robot as well? Can the job terminate itself?
Also, While setting up email alerts, Can we provide any mail ID other than Gmail?

Thank You.