If i use a Find Element in a Anchor Base I can't select an anchor in a PDF file like in the UIPaht Toutorial

Hay everyone,

I have the Problem that i need to check something specific in an PDF file. I want to use the anchor base for that like in this Tutorial(UiPath Academy). I don’t now if I do something wrong i using a win vm is that a problem?

in the picture is wat i mean on the left side is wat i can chose and on the other side is the spezifik value i need and he can’t find it if i do it like this.

i hope someone can help,


Hi @uandi_ks

If we are using Adobe reader change accessibility settings as per below document,


thanks for your help and if I use a browser? @prasath_S
I have the same Problem thar.

@uandi_ks if you are using browser make sure to install the extension.please refer below for how to install the extension,


Try different Uiframeworks within UiPath by pressing f4 key after click the indicate on screen.


Thanks for your support @prasath_S

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