If I put variables in my main project and I publish the project, can I then update the variables under Uipath Assistant?


  1. If I want to run a robot where I insert a month. Each month the month will be different. How will the user be able to modify if without using Uipath studio ?
  2. If I want to run a robot where I have to insert my ERP login access. It will differ from the users. How can the user enter his own ERP login access?

Hi @mce ,

You can arguments like

in_PeriodName in Main.xaml

this will reflect in Orchestrator arguments and you can pass the value to it when you run or Schedule the job

yes, process parameters can also be updated in Assistant - just click on the three dots next to the name of the process and click the “Show process details” menu option.

strange because I don’t have anything when I click on the three dots. Is that because I have a free trial version ?

should not be. I tested this on my community free account. here is what I see:

I also did via this way of doing. It seems that I don’t have the possibility to update the variables.
Do you know why?


It looks like you did not define any arguments for the Main.xaml file. Have a look here for a quick help on process arguments - hope it will help:

I’m able to have the option under Uipath Assistant. However, when I define a value under Uipath Assistant under show process detail then It doesnt overwrite the default value set up under Uipath Studio under Arguments .

It doesnt pick up the 15072021. When I run the robot it takes the 30062021.

Do you have an idea how to proceed?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi. It does sometimes seem to act a big buggy. Try to overwrite the value in Assistant, then SAVE in Assistant. And run again.

There are 4 places you can set the value for process arguments:

  1. In Studio (as default)
  2. In Process definition in Orchestrator
  3. In Trigger in Orchestrator
  4. In Assistant

if you do not set a value in Assistant, for example, it will take the one from Studio.
If you do not set a value in the Trigger, it will inherit the one from the Process

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