If I am your client, you gave me two process one which is design by recording and another is design by using activities.Then which one you suggest me the best?

As per my Knowledge Activities process is best for design. Plz suggest best one to run or use.

Well both are equally important
Recording also uses the same activities as what we do manually
I won’t say the best between them rather the difference between them would be like
—All the process can’t be completely automated with RECORDING while all the process can be manually recorded with the activities and the reason is simply if we want to use a FOR EACH row loop we won’t be able to add that while we are recording
—we need to stop the recording and then onlybwe can add

So which means Recording can sometimes lead us to interrupt the process of automation unless if it’s not a decision making or sequential process involved

Cheers @Akshay_patil


Thanks for the suggestion @Palaniyappan