IF function (To compare excel value)

HI, I am trying to compare two values across different sheets in excel and to automate sending of email if one value is smaller than the other.
For example,
I have a number in cell A1 in sheet 1 and another number in cell B2 in sheet 2.
I’m looking for UiPath to help me automate sending an email if cell A1 in sheet 1 is smaller than cell B2 in sheet 2. Should I use read range first and assign value followed by flow decision or if function?
I have the ‘Send Outlook Mail Message’ done but I’m stuck at the front part of condition step. Appreciate any help!
Thank you.

Yes, just read the value in A1 and assign it to a variable (value1) and do the same for B2 using read range. Then define the if-condition as if: value1 < value2. Make sure that the value is of type int.


Hope this thread would help you resolve this

Cheers @victorialim

Thank you. Can I confirm if the assign step is required? And should i save the variable type as data table before assigning it?
Since it is only a cell value instead of a data table, I’m trying to figure out how should the assign step be filled up. Thanks!