If function date comparison

In one excel sheet ( Cell C4) I have: in-transactionItem(“Date1”) converted (ParsExact)
In my sequence I have variable(“Date2” ) covered (ParsExact)

If in_transactionItem(“Date1”) is filled, the comparison works.
But when cell4 is empty I’ve got an error.
I know why (there is no date to be compared), but I don’t know how to
solve it.
I tried:
Condition: in_transactionItem(" Date1") Is Empty and also IsNothing Then
but neither of the two options works.



If string.isnullorempty(in_transactionitem(“Date1”)) , if the above condition is not true then only convert the value in c4 value to parse exact.

Thank you
I think it this going to solve the problem.
I’ll let you know.