IF formula for write cell problem problem

Hi i need some help from yall experts to help solve this problem I’m having. after copying this table to excel, i am suppose to do calculation for that table, and that if it meets a certain condition, in this case: the R column will display (0) IF H column contains 00.00000.000 OR A column contains Total. then R column with the (0) assigned will then be deleted. Can you experts help me to see if my write cell expression is correct and maybe provide me a solution?

anyway i cant seem to upload any of the screenshots taken. but the write cell expression is “=IF(A29=” + “”“Total”"" + “,1,IF(H29=” + “”“00.00000.000"”" + “,0,1))”

the range for the write cell is “R29:R” + TableEnd1.ToString. do let me know if any other information is needed since the pics cant be uploaded. a quick response is much appreciated as Im about to smash the company laptop…


My suggestion would be on your issue is we can delete the rows in data table itself before writing the data to excel with using remove data row activity in uipath by using condition you mentioned. Please refer the below link for guidance.

thanks for the quick reply kiran, however the delete row method i dont think will work, since the table that will be copied on to excel will be different each week and the rows of the tables are not fixed. also why cant i post the screenshots here… would be much easier for yall to see the problem.

Yeah that would be great. Thanks.

Yeah by seeing the expression. We cannot provide range on the write cell activity please asign only R29 for write cell and use auto fill range activity to auto fill the formula from R29:R+yourdatatable.rows.count.tostring. please try and let me know. Thanks.


Earlier i don’t have my laptop with me. i have just reviewed your messages more accurately and understood that the problem is with the expression and flow. Could you pls use the below expression for your requirement. and also attached the sample work flow for your reference. thanks.


CondtionDemo.zip (10.4 KB)

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