If folder contains .xlsx file, retry the scope

Retry the scope.

Hey hacky. I have created the solution for you:

  • Use a while loop that looks at a boolean

  • I’ve put in a Message Box in the beginning of the loop to avoid an infinite loop

  • Use an If, that will look at if you have any .xlsx files in target folder (remember to change the value of the strPath variable in Variables manager

  • If yes, Message Box: “We have xlsx files” and the while loop will run

  • Else set the boolean to false and the workflow will quit.

I have attached the code

Main.xaml (6.4 KB)

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Thanks a lot mate!

But unfortunately I am not able to open the activities.

Can you please take a snap shot of your Main xaml so that I can figure out what all packages to update.?

Best Regards ,

Sure, check this:

  • boolFolderContainsXLSX is a boolean with the default value True
  • strPath is the path of your sheet


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