If "excel's first row contains the data which comes from ExtractDataTable's first row"

Hi Everybody!

I have a sequence which I do data scraping and then I read an Excel. After that, I have an if activity, which I want to use a condition like “‘not’ excel’s first row contains the data which comes from ExtractDataTable’s first row”. Is there any code like this? Or how can I do this with other ways?

Thank you!


You can check the condition as

ExtractDataTable.Rows(0).Item("ColumnName") = YourValue

Check below for your reference too

You can view other videos on that too for reference

Hope this helps you



It did not help me. I tried the way said and I tried the ways which like you said. But it did not helps me :confused:

Hi @Pikachu_KH,
just try putting a Not before your value in the if condition

ExtractDataTable.Rows(0).Item(“ColumnName”) = Not YourValue

like this.



It did not work either. Is there possible the way that I follow is not true? I’ll leave my way to do is in the attachment.