If Error then collect data

The process is reading rows from an excel doc and searching by one value in the row in a web based search engine. When the search is completed, it clicks on the match to open a new page.

I’m trying to add a feature to my process where if the search occurs and it fails (aka there are no responses,) that row of the data table gets added to a different table entitled “Errors.”

Currently have an If activity, but I don’t know what to put as the condition. Basically I want it to say if the click on the match fails? I also have the box checked on the click button for ContinueOnError.

@rbran - one way to do it would be to add a Boolean variable - matchFound (defalut value = False) and set it to True if match is found.
Then in an If activity,

if Not matchFound
Move row to “Errors” table

Good idea. Do you know how to identify when a match is found when the match would be an error from a click activity? I only ask because there is no output from a Click activity but that is what I need to test.

@rbran - you would have to read some default text that the web search engine presents if the search has no results (“No results found”, etc.) and then use that string to check.
OR, you would have to handle the URL not being available, and use that as a check.

You could also not use a “ContinueOnError” and put the click in a try/catch, so you won’t need a condition, just add the next activity in the catch