If else condition error on continue giving selector error

Hello All,

i am taking data from CSV and reading each cell value and checking that value (id) status is Approved or not in application by doing certain steps .

1)reading CSV value column
2)going on browser & opening application and clicking on “EQU PO Global Requestor” option using click activity .
3)input value and after submitting it will show the status .
4)added for each loop
5)added if else condition to check if condition is true its executing some steps and else it should skip the current step and move to next row (incase status not approved)
6)i have added msg box which showing me its working correctly , but when it go to else part (status is not approved). its not able to go to 1st step and start workflow by skipping current row.
7)created Approved as variable , datatype is Boolean and value is true
8)added continue activity so that it will skip that row and move to next row and start workflow again.

st2 st1

Can any body help me with above

@priyankamalusare So even after using Go Back Activity in the Else part, won’t it return back to the first Page where the Option is present ?

yes . same error

@priyankamalusare Can you Change the Selector and Check, If i’m not wrong you have used title as *, Can you make it a bit specific to the web page name what it had?

i checked both by putting * in title and also original name as it is. still same error.

@priyankamalusare Don’t know if it is actually a Selector Problem but can you show us the Selector in UiExplorer?

@priyankamalusare Indicate the Element you want to click so that it is validated, then send the Screenshot.