If else click?

ok, no problem.

The problem that occurs now is that the robot does not do “crtl +s” in the new tab with the image to save, but in the page with the download button.

I tried selecting the image area but it does the “crtl +s” on the download button page.

I tried selecting the image browser tab but when there is another document it does not recognize it to do the “crtl +s”

I will ask you again … why you dont want to use click with the right button and save them? to me seems that is the easier way to do it because I understood that it will work in both cases.

I also tried and the same thing happens after the right click, the robot goes back to doing the “crtl +s” in the previous browser tab.


I’ll close the topic as the main issue has been resolved.

Thank you all for your help.

Two options:

  1. Before the “Ctrl+s”, do an “Attach Browser” to point to the correct browser, OR
  2. Using “Get Attribute”, if you can get the URL of the pdf/jpg from the download button, you can then do an “Open Browser” and use the URL you got.

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