If "data scraping" data is specified as "dt_rr", is this data available in "excute query"?

Hi @S_Sim

There are so many ways to do the above.

The way i suggested as per my logic.

If the above method works for you can try that way!


I came to ask you for advice because things didn’t go well. :hot_face:

hi @S_Sim

Please share your xaml if possible!


Update_Sequence.xaml (23.5 KB)

Hi @S_Sim

Step1: Data scraping the data from website.
Step2: Use For each row to insert the specified data from website using insert query.
Insert into your_table(Column1,Column2,…) values(’"+currentRow("")+"’,…)
Step3: after inserting in execute query select * from table name
Step4: Use for each row of the datatable from the select datatable
Step5: Use Switch condtion to update as per above.


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Godvin, I’m sorry I kept bothering you. really really, :hugs:

Originally, my method
step 1. datascrapping in website(output : dt_rr)
step 2. insert my table (input : dt_rr)
step 3. excute query (update currency_id) was also possible.

As far as I know, it is in the same context as my existing method and the way you suggested it. Maybe I got it wrong.

My problem is that current_id is not possible with an existing insert because s datatype is number. Insert and update must occur simultaneously, or converting current_id (USD) to 1 first, and then insert. possible??

always thank you godvin

Hi @S_Sim

  1. Extract the structured data using data scarping.
    2)For each Row in Extracted Dt
    3)Inside the body Use switch condition as per my xaml. eg(Currentrow(“CurrId”).toString.Equals(“USD”)…
    4)Case USD Then Insert into TableName where currency id =1 and So on for each cases.

Hope this helps you!


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