If: Connot find column 69

Please help me fix this error I have no idea where to start

@fiora_fang It states that you don’t have column position 69 in your datatable. Check your column count in datatable using dt.columns.count


I do have a column 69 on my datatable on excel - how can I fix this?


if dt.columns.count=69 then your last column index would be 68 (0 to 68), so initialize counter to 0 not to 1 and try

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When I change from 1 to 0 - I’m getting the cannot find 68 error. Please help I’m trying write all the values in an excel with lots of columns and rows to a form. The bit will create a form for each row.


how much you are getting when you do dt.columns.count

It is showing the column that the error is saying it cannot find - I can even see the bot taking what is on that column and writing it on the form. This is weird -