If condition when browser giving error 503

i need to set a if condition when browser is giving error 503, 404 then restart the program in a loop timer
can you help me how to start it condidtion

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Use element exist for your actual output of that website (Without Error)
If that element doesnt exist then check for Error message again by using element exist or Image Exist

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In addition to what @ImPratham45 suggested hope this would help you as well

we can use RETRY SCOPE activity where in the Condition part use ELEMENT EXISTS activity and choose the element that will appear for sure (a solid element) when the page actually loads completely

Then in the upper part of Retry scope activity use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as F5 or any other key or set of activities that would refresh the page

In the property panel set the Number of Retries as 10 or to the one we need

So that it will retry for number of time mentioned till the page is loaded

Cheers @rajdeept

okay sir… Thank you
i got it. but the time field is giving ex: 00:00:00 , so according to seconds time put in also can in minutes like 00:01:10 one minute & 10seconds it is okk?

ok mam thank you
i’ll try it…

May I know which field you are talking about buddy

retry scope property (number of retry and retry interval)

in Retry scope activity Number of Retries will take input in int32
and Retry Interval property will take in seconds for more details on that activity properties
here you go

Cheers @rajdeept

ok sir… i will do it again

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Were we able to get this done

its going good no any error or exception

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