If condition what should i use for read excel


Using 2 for each

1 for each for pdf names which provide in assign
2 for each for read excel files where the pdf/Zip files n those url available

  1. I m using if condition in if condition in 2nd for each
  • using open browser in THEN
  • Else is blank
    But whenever im running the process it executing both ‘THEN’ n ‘ELSE’ condition

Hi @Suraj_Gaikwad_Nuvama_Grou

If the IF condition is true then bot went to then block else it went to ELSE block and execute.
I think there is a some wrong in your IF condition.

Hope it helps!!

Yes right but didn’t get where is the wrong and once is went in else why its coming back to Then

@Suraj_Gaikwad_Nuvama_Grou ,
Can you please elaborate clearly whether your For each is Nested or not?
Or can you please share the screeenshot of your workflow with the sample pdf files and the Excel.



Please procide proper details…like screenshot of input…your flow and what you want to try

And please use log messages whereever possible to log each detail to know what is actually happening

And may be instead of two loop…for the seconf one you can use look up datatable or filter datatable activity to get the required info based on the pdf


Could you please eloberate the process and condition. Then we will get an idea of it.

  1. i have open browser go one web
    2.extract table which is on website / so i use extract data table
  2. stored data in excel file so all file like pdf/zip ‘URL’ n 'SUBJECT header in excel Url use to download files
    4.select only which specific pdf download
    5 extract data of that pdf

I have done extract n mail but problem is that on lf condition bcz executing both condition THEN n ELSE so pdf getting download why Its going in else condition?



We understand problem is if…what we need to know is what data are you trying to compare in if…when i say data exact data present there…ao use log message before if and log all variables youa re using in if condition

Then we can know what is the issue


@Suraj_Gaikwad_Nuvama_Grou ,
Please share the Data Which is Extracted using “Extracted Data Table” Activity.
Put a breakpoint and check in immediate pannel.