If condition to Check multiple choices

I am building a bot to check if the button is clicked in a Multiple choice.

I have created a Array of Srting then put it in a variable and check in a If condition with
Array.contains(“Card”) if true it should execute in the true part else it should go to the Else part. but it seems to be not working kindly please help me for a fox

any reasons for the hardcoded SSR within the contains and the flow to false branch when SSR is contained in the array

Dear Joy

Thank you for the reply. I also would like to know if i need to put a input Dialog Box that have multiple choices that ask the user to select SSR or Card then based on that if card is selected it should pop up message "Card " else “SSR”
Please advise.

have a look here:

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Yes , it Worked

Thank you ppr for the help

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