If Condition of greater than not working

I have an IF statement that is supposed to look at the value in a variable labeled InvoiceAmtDbl. This is an amount pulled off an invoice and made into variable type double. The condition should create a string variable based on the condition being met but it always defaults to the else even when it should be true. Not sure where i am going wrong.


In such a case we do debug and inpect the variables within the differen debug panels

ensure that there is no argument existing with the same name like the variable: InvoiceDesc

ensure that the variable InvoiceDesc is uniquely defined and not existing in parallel within different variable scopes.

Feel free to share your XAML with us

Main.xaml (44.3 KB)

There is only 1 InvoiceAmtDbl variable.

here we do have

just fix this

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Ah I totally missed that one. Thanks for your quick responses.

You’re welcome. Happy Forum Birthday

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