If condition not work

in result variable I am getting value rgb(255,0,0)
and I am applying condition if(result="rgb(255,0,0) ") this move to inside if condition but in my case it move else I also try this if(result=rgb(255,0,0)) but not work

Hi @Aditya10989

Scenario 1: Check first the value of result if it has a value.
2:Maybe if you can try it to messagebox if you want to see the result during runtime

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HI @Aditya10989 ,

If the variable datatype is string then you can use result.contains(“rgb(255,0,0)”) it should works.


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Please check screenshot. Better to use .Equals and without double quotes(").

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If this is the value we obtain
Then to be precise we can use a condition like this
The reason is might be failing due to some blank spaces either in front or back if the mentioned string
—if the above condition passes it will go to THEN part of if condition or not will go to ELSE part of if condition

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Aditya10989

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