If condition match then not check other if condition

I have one excel sheet in this sheet I am fetching claimant name and claimant status as mention in attachment untitled and match claimant name and claimant status with web site as mentioned in attachment untitled1.
For this I am using for loop to get excel record and check one by one.For checking I am using if condition to match get text used to get value of claimant name and claimant status and then compare with excel.Same process for all rows in web site.I done this.
But I am stuck in one case if
eg two records both are same claimant name and claimant status.then this will pick first record and process not move to same second record.Then move to loop for second record.

Now in my case if first condition match it go inside and process.That is fine but second record also match then again go inside that is I don’t want.

Hi @Aditya10989 ,

you can try the Following ,

Before Comparing the Data in the Web, You can Remove the Duplicates from the Excel Data.This can be either Done bu removing duplicates from Datatable or Removing Duplicates from Excel and then Processing the Remaining Data into the Web.


Hi buddy,

The issue is with the data that is present in the web app right! ur bot is only picking up the first match element.

It not processing the second match element.

thanks for reply I think you did not understand my requirement.My requirement is in excel sheet I need to match record with web claimant name and claimant status as mention in above attachment.In case marked above screenshot untitled1 marked in circle you can see radio button 2 and 3 both are same claimant name and claimant status.Now my if condition check each record which is matched as untilted1 attachment 3 row with radio button 1,2,3 you can see 2 and 3 record are same name and same status.my if condition matched each row which I already done.but second row match now my if condition match third row which I don’t want.I want when first record match then it move out from if condition and processed to for loop for next record from excel file