If condition less than 100, possbile to highlight whole row instead of 1 cell?

Hi Expert,
I only manage to highlight 1 cell base on the condition score less than 50. Is it possible to highlight the whole row instead of 1 cell?


This can be achieved by invoke code


Hi @Anneng

You can try like this
Use Index instead of 2

It don’t work for me. The whole row 2 is highlighted till the max column in the sheet.

I would like to learn this. Can you give me a sample to invoke the code?

Hi @Anneng

Please go through this YouTube vedio
UiPath - Visualization of Data in Excel. (Live Stream!) - YouTube .

If you have any issue you can always reach out to us @Divyanshu_Divyanshu and @PRASHANT_GABHANE


Can you reset range property of Set Range Color activity like “A”+intIndex.tostring+“:C”+intIndex.tostring ?

I guess above code will work out, please let us know, if you are stuck.

I think it will apply to whole range


No, We have range like A2:C2, these 3 columns(A, B & C) of row number 2 will be selected and applied color,
you can try manually selecting this.

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Hi @Anneng,

I have tried your steps its working for me. Whole row is getting highlighted.

Please refer this Xaml -
HighlightColourCell.xaml (9.2 KB)

Change file path in argument and test it.

Sample output:
HighlightColourCell.xaml (9.2 KB)


Thank you so much. It work very well. Previously i put multiple set range colour in order to highlight the row.

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I tried your way, it didn’t work well. it just highlight every alternate two row, didn’t check the condition. I’m not so sure when to use Cint and convert.toDouble. evertheless, i already find the solution. Thanks for your help.

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