IF condition in a same url web page

I have a web page on internet. it has two pages on clicking the next button I get the next page but the url does not change. I want to make a workflow that can check which page I am on.

You can use Get Text to get the page number from the page (if it’s displayed). If the page number is not displayed, you will need to increment an index value to keep up with the page you’re on.

The site does not show the page number. Can you give a simple workflow what to do.
Because I have done that already I extracted a unique text from first page to identify it but my workflow is not working.

@Abad_Sid Can you show us How the Page Looks Like, and what do you do to go to the Next Page ina Screenshot ?

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This is what I have done so far.

I am using element exist activity because it gives output in boolean value but it still does’nt work. It keeps giving page1 on both pages.

@Abad_Sid Do you want to Differentiate between the First Page and the Next page? If so Can you tell us what do you do to move to the Next Page?

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I have done it by using Image exist activity.

@Abad_Sid Is your Problem Solved now ? :sweat_smile:

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Yes it is solved because it was an image on the site.

@Abad_Sid Well Done. Mark your Answer as Solution, It may Help Others :slight_smile:

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