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In a process of mine I want to open the SAP application and sometimes I get asked to put in my password in a popup window. Before that I also get a popup window where I have to click on something and press enter. Both don’t always happen, therefore I want to use the If activity. The problem is that you need to type in a VB expression within the if activity. Now I don’t know how the expression has to look like.
I just want the simple process:
“If popup appears → click and press enter/type in password → if not, do the rest”
Hopefully you can understand my problem and are able to help me.
In the screenshot you can see the symbol of the popup window in the taskbar.

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@RandomGuy… Have you tried using Element Exists / On element Appear?

If not, follow here… To make things simpler use element exists activity. It returns a boolean value. Place that boolean value(Element Exists O/P variable) in the if condition.
Which means If the boolean value is True then It will execute Then condition, if the value is False else block will be executed. No need of any vb expression required here.

So you mean like this?

Nah Nah…
Don’t you get any pop up as mentioned on the screen? Indicate that element…
And another thing is Place the EE activity above the If condition… So that you’ll get output from EE activity right? Place that Output variable in the If condition.
And last thing is no need to write =True… by default if any boolean value placed in if condition it will checks for True condition only.

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Thanks for answering.
Due to compliance reasons in our company I can’t show the popup window, but it appears together with the symbol which is on my Element Exists activity.
Does it have to be like this?

Yes… Hope this will solve your issue…!


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