If Clause

What need to be done if IF Clause is not working properly in uipath studio.In If clause then is not working when the condition is satisfied it is alwaays going into Else part only ,can any one help me with this scenario what needs to be done?

Check your condition again… May be your condition is wrong. Can you please share your code here.

@Ramya1994 Is it possible to attach your xaml file so i can check and help you with solution

Always check if the condition is actually met. You can do this by checking the values of the variables with a log message right before the if activity. More often than not you’ll find that the variable has a different value than you expected, due to a fault earlier in the workflow.

Thanks for your reply.i have tried that way also still it is not working.

What is the condition that you are using?

environment based
If Environment = “TEST” or Environment = “TEST2” this condition worked in other workflow in IF clause .

According to you its going in else part always that means either there is no value exists there for Environment or it never getting TEST or TEST2. Please write line or message box the value of Environment variable to verify. If this is something which can be reproduced at my end let me know I will try