If bot crashes while running, how to start the bot from last step instead of running it again?

I want to know how to maintain checkpoints in bot so that the bot always run from last checkpoint instead of running from start again if bot crashes in between.


If excel is an input file , then you need to maintain status of the process in different column. In case you bot stops. Depending on the status you can execute the remaining rows in input file.

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You can make that activity as set as start node. Then robot will start executing activity that onwarda.


But if its not an excel file,suppose its ppt then how to do it ?

You might need to divide your workflow in module wise. Each module would be having Input flag and Output flag. for example there are 3 modules in your workflow and module1 output Flag will be input to Module2 Flag similarly with Module3.
Therefore even though there is a crash in between based on Flags it can trigger on respective modules on next run.