If activity Suggestion

I am working on a dropdown which has multiple pages,I have used for each Ui element activity indicating the page numbers. for each page, it will use Ctrl F and type into activity to enter the variable into the search box and Click text activity(Use continueonerror option) will search and select the element in any page but failed to click on the submit after selecting the required option.

Tried If activity based on the element exists activity but still doesn’t work any suggestions?

Hello @yeshwanth
You can try using find element instead of ctrl F, and provide that element to the click activity.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the reply , tried this as well but didn’t work!

Hi @yeshwanth

Use check app state activity to check whether the element exists or not.


Use Data Scraping or Extract datatable activity to extract data in dropdown which has multiple pages.Take condition if currentRow(“Item”).ToString=“Your Input” simply give click.If the data is not in the current page then increment the pagecounter.

Hope helps


Use simulate as input method of click activity.

Turn on the “Highlight” option for the “Click” activity and other relevant activities during debugging to visually check if the correct elements are being targeted or not.

Hi @yeshwanth
Delay and Retry : If the element is still not visible or takes some time to load after scrolling, consider adding a short delay before the “Click Text” activity to give the page time to load or display the element. You can also use the “Retry Scope” activity to retry the “Click Text” activity a few times if it fails initially.

Hope it helps!!

dropdown is like this

I have executed your suggestion, I have used extract data table of page one but it didn’t work as the dropdown (Select option) field has a mouse scroll option. Therefore, it executed else activity


Use some delay before click activity and check your selectors once. And try the above mentioned suggestions also.

is there any expression to use in If activity/ new activity that says click on the highlighted Uielement?

I have used Ctrl F and Delay in click text activity , the required option is clicked but unable to click on the select button if the highlighted text is clicked


In debug panel there is a highlight element option available so enable that and debug the program

Check it highlights the select button or not.


Give delay in “select” click activity, like this

And use simulate as input method

The click text activity has identified and clicked the highlighted variable input but what if the required variable option is in 2nd or 3rd page ?


Use if condition to check whether the element exists in the page or not in a while loop
continue process
use click activity to click(>) button

can you give me a sample expression to enter in the condition?


Initialize a integer variable as int_count = 4 (before while)
in while (int_count >=1)
and at end of while assign: int_count = int_count-1

sorry to say this but , I am a beginner and unable to figure out your reply, is it possible for you show the same in UiPath (Image)


I see different page number clicks…but where is the dropdown in it?