If activity run time

@omar_ismail If you want to Run the process after 30 mints from 10AM -10PM then you need to Schedule it through Orchestrator. Condition will not run the process it will check only the time.

You can Restrict the Process through Cron Expression in better way. It will start from 10AM with 30 mint Interval till 10PM.
→ make process without any time restriction and Restrict it from Orchestrator.

look i need a condition to use it in if activity to run the BOT every 30 min between 10AM and 10PM
without using the Orchestrator

Hi @omar_ismail
Use this below condition:

DateTime.Now.Hour >= 10 AndAlso DateTime.Now.Hour <= 22 AndAlso DateTime.Now.Minute Mod 30 = 0

It will run the bot for every 30 min from morning 10 to night 10.

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