If activity - Message Box not popping up after user input

I only get the message popup when I guess the correct input - the hints don’t show up
I’m using a Do While activity whith an input dialog → If activity with a resault in Then and another if activity in then for the > input < input hints.


Workflow looks fine
Ideally it should throw a message pop up once if it reaches IF condition

  1. Keep a break point in IF activity
    Go to Debug tab → Click in IF activity and click Breakpoint option

  2. Now Try running in debug mode

  3. Bot will stop in IF activity

  4. First check in LOCALS panel on what is the value of the variables used in IF activity

  5. Then press step into in debug tab
    You will get to know where it is missing

Hope this helps

Cheers @OGunnarsson

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Welcome to the community

The problem is your while condition

The if condition is not placed inside the while loop…so the while loop will end only when you give the correct answer…hence the if condition is executing only correct one…

Try to move your if condition into the while loop then for each loop or guess you will get the message pop up as needed


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That did the trick, I knew I was missing something obvious.
Thank you @Anil_G

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