"If" activity is not working as expected

Hello to everyone out there!!

I’m trying to build a logic using an “If” activity. But things are not going as expected.
The idea here is to check if an element exists.

If yes, the system will prompt a message stating that we are logged in.
If No, it should use the “else” path and try to log in.

When the app is closed I’ll receive the following error:

Because we are not able to identify the desired element. Which is normal.

But if I’m already logged in I will receive a message stating that I’m logged in. Wich is also normal.
But why is it not working?

Also, I tried to invert the logic


Same error.

So, I’m I doing something wrong here?

Guys, never mind xD

I just tested with “Check App State Activity” and it is working perfectly !!!

Thank you anyway

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