If activity for SAP


I’m trying to automate a SAP task and I need my RPA to make the following decision (IF Activity):

If one specific SAP cell contains any data, do not insert new data and go to the next cell.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.


  1. use Get Text activity to retrieve the text from cell and store output in a string variable say ‘getCellValue’.

  2. IF getCellValue.length = 0
    Then use Type Into activity to type
    some text
    Else skip it.

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Hi Iakshman,

I tried the way you told me to but it seems that the activity “Get Text” is not storing any data. Should this activity create variable automaticaly? Because in my case it is not. I have tried to create the variable ‘getCellValue’ manually but It did not helped too.


Use Get Text activity and indicate where you want to read data and in your case it is SAP cell and store output in a string variable and say ‘getCellValue’.

And follow above step as I mentioned in previous post.

Hi @matheusfedele

This activity does not create a variable automaticaly, you have to create manualy and set the data stored in the activity in the variable just like this:


Don’t forget to check the selector (use highlight to check if he is fetching from the correct source).

Hope this helps you out my fried :smiley: