If 2 columns are equal in excel, they will be equalized and the other columns will be written next to the columns that are equal

As seen in the picture, the “state” column and the “state2” column are the same. What I want to do is loop whatever is written there. For example, if “state” is AK and the “state2” column is AK, other data will be written next to it and I will scrape them. Thanks!

Regards! Mert Samet

Can you explain which columns you would want to copy if they match?

In your example none of column A and Column G match.

If you are looking row by row, you would use an if statement with CurrentRow(“State”).ToString = CurrentRow(“State2”).ToString.

yes, I already want to synchronize the rows If the “state” and “state2” rows are equal, I want to print the other data next to it. And I want to delete the remaining data and create a plain table with only 7 rows

this is the error i get: If: Column ‘State2’ does not belong to table .

Hi @Mert_Samet_Sonmez ,

Could you maybe provide a better view of the Original Input file before performing the comparison and the Expected Output file after the performing the comparison and the task. So that we would be able to logically identify the changes or transformation from input to output.

This would help us also to ask questions relative to the files/Data provided.

I add the data as it appears and after synchronizing the state writes and printing that data next to it, I will automate to enter this data on a website.