If 1 bot shutsdown/ fails while executing a process, can the other bot pick up the that failed process and complete it?


I require to do an important process in uipath studio.

So if 1 bot fails while executing the process for whatever reason, can the other bot pick and complete this, without using the orchestrator server?

Please help at the earliest.


In that case you have to keep entire your process into Try Catch block. And then you have to call other process in Finally block.

If anything got failed in Try block and it will go to catch block first and then put any flag kind of thing to know the status. Once it done then it will go to the Finally block and execute the activities. Here you have to check that flag value and perform actions again.

Can you please show my an example or or tell the method in a more detailed manner.

I’m sorry to take your time . but i need to do this quickly.

for example:

lets say I have a process where:- 1. screen- scraping the data in the web is done and 2. converted to excel.

so if for some reason screen - scraping doesn’t work. can the other bot pick up the entire process(backup bot) and continue from there.?

and for some reason the entire 1st bot gets shutdown , is there a way to trigger the 2nd bot to pick up the process without delay?


I guess no need of separate BOT to do this.

As i said in earlier post, put the entire process in Try catch block. Create one Boolean variable and at the end of try block set True to that Boolean variable. And in Catch block set False to that Boolean value.

After that Try catch block put Flow decision activity to check Boolean variable is True or False.

If it is false then put direction back to Try catch block to perform process again else stop it.

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Hey @Moola_Kommalu

I do agree with @lakshman here… To perform this task, you don’t need multiple robots. We can do it in a single robot. We just need to design our solution in a way it can handle such scenarios…

Addition to what @lakshman is proposing here, We can also combine the try catch with retry scopes where needed. This will also give you the ability to retry a set of tasks until a specific condition is met.

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what if this highlighted robot gets shutdown? can other bot pick it up?


If you want to run the second BOT based on the first BOT status then you should need Orchestrator.


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