IExplorer popup (with address bar!) forced behind main window

Hi folks, my first post here - I’m really stuck - I’m using StudioX 2020.4.3.

I’ve been pouring though bunches of posts about popup window problems but I haven’t see anything similar to what I’m experiencing.

My company’s web application has a search form which is used as part of my process to verify data entered in previous steps.

A button is clicked, and the Search form opens, BUT this form is a separate window with its own address bar (with contains a different address from the main browser window), etc.

When the automation gets to this point the window is opened but as mentioned it is FORCED behind the main window - if I manually click the window, it’s automatically pushed behind the main window again! Basically the automation times out at this point, not having found the control it’s supposed to type into (Error: could not find the user-interface element…)

What can I do to resolve this??

I’ve read where folks have resolved their issue by adding the browser url to the indicator markup - I just now used UI Explorer to generate a selector including values containing the window name class, url, etc., and the automation is still failing at this point. (I even changed the UI Frameworks to “UI Automation” as I had read in a post.)

ANY help here is absolutely appreciated - I’m really stuck!


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Ok, I’ll report back, in the hope that this post may help someone in the future.

First, seeing the posts / question answered about other popup windows was helpful. In particular when it was mentioned that the window url should be included in the UI element target; being that my popup had a different url, this part was important.

Once I added that, the RPA was able to type the code into the search field and click the search button (the popup window was now correctly in front of the main application browser window.)

My second problem was when the search was complete, a table was made visible with the (singular) result from the product search.

I wanted to grab the text from the 1st cell to compare the model numbers to be sure they matched.

Even with the url, along with other tuning of the UI selector for that field, the GetText activity was NOT pulling the value out of the cell.

I then remembered this was a table that I was working with and switched to the Extract Table Data activity which successfully pulled out the value that I needed so the RPA could continue validating the results.

At that point the RPA was finished with the popup window and closed it.

Hopefully these tips may help someone in the future.


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