IEnumerable to Data Column

I am working on a process that takes a number of String Matches and stores the results in one Data Table. I want to store the IEnumerable<Match> output from these activities as columns in a Data Table. I do not want to use a For Each loop to add Data Rows as the length of these outputs will not be the same and lead to a NullReferenceException.

Is there a way to accomplish this?
Thanks for any assistance.

So you have a datatable with the same number of rows ans items on that collection? and the datatable already have a column as string that you want the matches to be stored? For Each is the easy way to do it, just use IF to make sure there is data before using the values…

@bcorrea I have an empty Data Table that I want to add results to. However, the results can vary in numbers so adding row by row doesn’t really do much for me (even if something is missing I still need the other results).

I’m thinking on just using a different way of storing these results as Data Tables aren’t doing much for me here.