IE Settings Problem

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to automate one of the portal in IE11. The portal works well with IE Document View 11 settings. But when i’m trying to debugthe code, IE setting (Document View 11) suddenly changing into Document View 5. Due to this automation not works well. The elements in portal not able to identify by the bot.

At BOT run time


I need to be


Thanks in Advance,
Balamurugan Ashokan

Hi @Bala_Ashokan

Is ie browser extension enabled in uipath studio and we’re you able to debug the code again


Yes it is enabled in IE


Debug the code in a way like is it happening only during debug mode of execution or even at normal execution

Is there a possibility to run and give a try in different browser like chrome, edge


Hi @Palaniyappan ,

It is only happening while debugging / running by BOT.
Requirement is to use only IE browser.