IE run as different user screen elements not recognised

Hi @Pablito, @loginerror ,

I am opening the internet explorer as a different user and trying to indicate elements. But the IE screen element appears just as “< html/>”. Due to security reasons, we want to run IE as a different user. what could be the issue? The IE simply is not recognized if I open any web page.

Element for IE as different user:

Element for IE as normal user for the same page:

Hi @kavyashreeh22,
I’m not sure if there’s way to omit this. Running application by different user makes windows opening completely separate thread for that user. Why do you need to run IE as different user?

Hi, did you found some solution? I have the same problem in Google Chrome.


Did anyone find a resolution to this? I’m having a similar issue where I run a desktop exe as a different user, but then UiPath can’t interact with the application, it gives an Access is denied error.