IE Rendering issue with UiPath

Hi there, I have a web table that has fixed number of rows and column. When I open right from IE without UiPath, it displays 7 columns every time as expected. However, when I open it using UiPath studio or Robot, sometimes it displays 6 columns and sometimes 7 column. What’s the root cause of this inconsistency? Is it a rendering issue when opened using UiPath? how do I fix it? Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Uipath should open the browser the same way a user do (when using open browser activity), this inconsistencies are seen happen in the same machine?

Hey man. Following on with the point that @bcorrea made which true. In the open browser activity, use the “maximize window” activity. This should open the browser window fully. Sometimes a piece of text can be missed by the robot when it cannot see it, so that might have caused your missed results.

I hope this helps. :grin:

It’s happening on the same machine.

Yes, we have the “maximize window” activated when opening the site for the first time.

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Ah I see. I recommend just doing a different browser then. Maybe Firefox or chrome. If you have not already done so, you need to install the UiPath extensions for it which can be found in studio in the tools tab. In regards to IE, it does have a lot of bugs and Microsoft has pulled support from it. So probably better trying another browser if possible.

Hi Akimalam,

Is this problem only happening at openning the website (Open Browser) or only when getting the web table screen and browser is going back to a non-maximized view? and does it matter seen those columns visually? or have you tried the extraction of data that it would still work?

Could you provide more details, if you are trying to extract the table how are you doing it?