Idiot Proofing the system / process


Our customers send their orders via pdf on which the bot works and does the activities it is designed to do. Customers service team receives these orders on a common email e.g. which every team member can read. The pdf file is uploaded to a location from where the bot reads it. Question is - How can we prevent different CS people upload the same file multiple times. The order from the customer would get processed multiple times.
After reading the pdf, I am moving the file to Processed folder. But different CS folks can copy the same file twice / thrice for the bot to process it. How can we avoid it ?? In short how can we idiot proof the process :smiley:

Thanks for any help / suggestions.


Hi @sushildarveshi,
Before processing any PDF file, compare it with the process folder if the PDF has already been processed. After Processing a PDF file, move it to the Processed Folder. So Next time, if the same PDF occurs, it won’t process again.

You will have loop through Processed Folder, get their names and compare it with the Input PDF.

I hope this will work.

Orders are uploaded with file name structure - Order_CustomerName.pdf
When I move the file into processed folder, I rename them as Order_CustomerName_FileNo.pdf
So looping through processed folder doesn’t help because of File Name structure.