Identity Server is Not Accessible Leading to Many Redirects Error during Connection attempt to Orchestrator

How to solve if Identity server is not accessible leading to many redirects error when trying to connect to Orchestrator?

Error Message while browsing the Identity URL - "An error occurred while trying to encrypt the provided data. Refer to the inner exception for more details."


This error generally occurs if there is an issue with the DB connectivity either for the Orchestrator DB or for the Identity DB. The exact error can be found in the Event Viewer logs of Orchestrator server.

Possible Solutions Approaches -

  • Ensure that the connection string name is Default for Orchestrator DB and DefaultConnection for Identity DB
  • Ensure that the DB user has required privileges on the respective DBs. For Orchestrator DB, user should have db_owner privilege with default schema as dbo, whereas for Identity DB user should have db_owner privilege with default schema as Identity.
  • If the DB is same then the default schema would be dbo, however the user should have access to other schemas as well e.g Identity, Webhooks, quartz.