Identifying the missing date from a set of dates and append the same as consecutive days in a file

Hi All

We are getting a data table from an excel which has two columns Dates and Count Of Incidents. We are taking this data table and appending in another big file at the end in respective columns.
Now a new requirement is the date has to be consecutive in the later file. If the incoming table is missing some date in between( Let say 21, 22, 24,25, so 23 is missing) then it also has to be there in the later table with the count column value as 0.

So what would be the best way to implement the same. Also the weekend has to be there with count column as 0.

I have a very limited time to complete this. So need some approach from you to implement this.

@kkpatel Can you send the Excel File which needs to be attached ot the Big File?