Identify the No of Symbols


I have text like Whats you name | Shriharsha | Ramesh | #Ganesh | Suresh in this i need to identify how many | is their mean count and between two | how many hashes are available output should be like.

| contains 3
Hash contains 1 in the 3rd and 4th | between like this

anyone can help :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Do you want to count slash | here ?

@lakshman i need a count of how many | are available and i need to find a whch name contains # that name slash count also


To count slash try this.



Then you have to iterate one by one value from that array and check whether that word contains Hash tag or not.



All these activities are under ForEach loop ?

Could you please show me Full Screenshot of your flow and need to check once.



Add Tostring after that count and check it once.

@lakshman its counting only no of | 's i need in which | between contains slash also like in the 3rd & 4th | middle contains # means in the output 3rd & 4th middle having a slash like that

@Shriharsha_H_N Here you go with xaml try this and let me know

Sequence.xaml (5.6 KB)

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Try using regex.
I have attached check.xaml for referencheck.xaml (7.8 KB) ce.


Thanks its working

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