Identify pre-opened Web browser

Hi I couldn’t see a discussion on this specific topic, please let me know if there is.

I am building a process requiring web log-in to a customer account. While I am building on my machine I will continue to be prompted for security code after log-in, this does not allow me to test the steps of the process (website navigation etc.) that follow log-in. Is there a way to build a version of the automation beginning mid-process (directly after sign-in) that will allow me to develop without repeatedly requesting a security code. In other words, identify the already open web browser as the beginning of the process (I’ve tried with Attach Window). Any help would be great!

Yes you can build a workflow that starts right from where you stop you manual process. You just need to make sure that the selectors doesn’t change all the time and its the same page. However you may have to run the workflow manually everytime or have to figure out some triggering thing. If you want to skip the login page and run the workflow from Home page, then your workflow should be designed to start from Home page.

Let me know if it helps,

Rammohan B.